Monday, November 2, 2009

Pop It Preppy

Monogramming can give your place a dash of southern prep without nightmares of ribbon belts, penny loafers, furniture upholstered in Lacoste crocodiles, or Nantucket red curtains.

It's called "neoprep," according to, which is bridging old-school preppy style with new age collar-popping and critter pants.

Bringing preppy home to your apartment, where the meaning of ownership is most times a monthly rent check-- is inviting.

Place a candle with an "M" or a "F" in the loo or a bar of personalized soap on your bathroom sink.

Maybe spell out your P-R-E-P and hang some script initial plates in a kitchenette? Or create a
sanctuary for your J-U-N-K with some letter hooks?

Inviting some friends over after a friendly game of croquet? Emboss your invites, break out the monogrammed napkins, fill up your candy dishes with some special order Hershey Kisses.

Out for a stroll and to Starbucks, why not wrap your latte with your first initial? But easy on the cologne.

That's it. Without overdoing it, you can pop it with a little prep.

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