Monday, November 9, 2009


Pinstripes, navy blazers, boating shoes? With yachts, sailboats and high seas vacations as your muse, it's no wonder that nautical fashions never dock.
Are you desperate to do something unique with a white, bland wall? If you are looking for some direction, try hanging a large nautical compass (above), or furnish your Georgetown studio with a pair of nautical french stools (below).

Or if traditional boating-style doesn't float your boat and you feel like you've completely lost your way, globes are experiencing a revival. Check out this globe's modern update (it's called an "earthsphere" these days) with a sculpted acrylic base. Oh, how worldly...

Feeling knot-y? This rope knot doorstop will keep those sea winds from blowing your door close. As the holidays approach, remember you're not obligated to Christmas red, glitter and nutcrackers: Why not consider unconventional decorations that mesh with your decor, like these blue glass fishing balls?

You can anchor-down with a little navy-and-white outdoor pillow, or fill an empty nook or a display case with this model sailboat. Each of these items are a available for under $40 -- an economical tweak.

Ships ahoy! Hey, dirty sailor, it's never too late to go fish.

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