Monday, November 2, 2009

Out of Cite

It's clear and transparent (or red, orange, yellow or green if your inner-hipster is inspired). Some retailers are rightfully-so calling Lucite the "peekaboo" accessory.

While Lucite conjures up frightful memories of cheap picture frames and make-up organizers, it's making a comeback in a whole new way. It's a contemporary update to the traditional and stale. And it's understated, looking sophisticated objectless and reflecting the surrounding colors.

Being colorless also means it goes with everything and every style, from bright colors and patterns to sleek, modern furniture lines to more classic looks.

Lucite, eight different ways:

1. Chairs

2. Coffee table

3. Side table

4. Nesting tables

5. Lamp

6. Bar stools

7. Picture frames

Somethings are never out of cite, out of mind.

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