Friday, November 13, 2009

The Trifecta Effect

Three is the ideal number, it seems. Famous trios, which prove the power of three, include the Three Wise Men; the Three Stooges; Charlie's Angels.

It's the number of nights in a long weekend. On a girls' night out, it's the infallible number: a big enough of a group to have fun, but not too much womanliness to scare away all the men. And, ah, yes, I'm getting sidetracked.

Nesting tables come in threes, too. It's the trifecta of tables: small, medium and large.

For a new, naked apartment, nesting tables are a quick way to add character and volume, as they can even stand on their own. See the finds below for nesting tables that start from around $200 or less:

1. Jonathan Adler white lacquer nesting cubes (below) start from $150.

2. These Alec black acrylic nesting end tables (below) have been discounted more than half-price at $132.99.

3. These dark brown leather nesting tables can function either as a table or an ottoman (pull out for extra seating in a small space) and are available for $171.99.

4. Chrome nesting tables (below) from Urban Outfitters retail at $215 and are only available online.

5. These nesting hexagons are on sale through West Elm for $169.99.

Here's another pair of hexagon nesting tables for$99.99, but before you look, think of how a pail of paint could give the color a makeover. For a palette of inspiration, click here.

But, if you think money is going to come in a trifecta this year: salary, bonus and lottery, then check out these pricier picks. (Or why not peek for inspiration and Christmas lists?)

1. One-of-a-kind hairhide nesting tables (below) are made with cowhide and stainless steel.

2. French deco nesting tables (only two) are a throwback to the 30s and 40s and come with a mirrored top.
3. For a twist on the nesting table fad, try a six-pack: these Korean wedding tables stack into a nesting tower.

All right, it's a tri-effecta! Enough nesting, what's next?

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