Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Buddha Bar

If you're wondering how you can take home the vibe of Buddha Bar on Boissy-d'Anglas street in Paris, without the scene-sters and berets, here's how:

1. Garden stools in cool, new metallic shades available from Wisteria.com for $129. Use as a side table, nightstand, and space filler (under a console table? on top of kitchen cabinets?) An almost identical garden stool in white is available at Overstock.com for half the price.

2. Spice it up with a token piece of red furniture, which mixes and matches with every shade of wood or metal. This traditional Chinese wedding cabinet (left) and authentic-looking, ornate detailing is priced at $451 and can be used to store at TV, glassware, clothes or books.

3. This is a red-and-white classic chinoiserie print pillow in linen (below) available for $108. If you're not sure about going Far East, a pillow is a good way to experiment. (You can always recover).

4. Hard-pressed for some time to meditate these days? Then, find your inspiration with this posing Buddha statue, which is going for $13. It will cost you less than a class!

5. Or ceramic foo dogs, (below) also known as "Lions of Buddha?" This piece of sculpture will run you less than $100.

6. Furniture designer Maria Yee Steel offers an assortment of ecologically savvy pieces, and designs for retailers such as Crate & Barrel, as well as Room & Board.

The pieces featured below include network shelves to organize CD's, books, etc. A "pod" made of renewable bamboo that can be used in a grouping for a cocktail table or additional seating. The Zen bed is all about geometry, it says, with its lattice headboard. (All are pictured below in order of mention).

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