Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh, So Flashy

There's a reason why discount home retailers like Target and Pier One take a photographic print of a cliche nature or street scene and pop it into a frame. Framed photography is a quick bang to
dress up your walls without shooting a hole in your pocket.

There's oodles of aesthetically pleasing prints for sale, but it's a little trickier to locate a talented photographer than a Pier One. Of course, after hand-selecting a print, or two, or three, you will have to frame it --but just think, that allows you to customize your look without having to throw a frame you paid for into the trash.

Peruse, these artists have an eye for the lens, with prices starting from $25 (unframed):
1. Yvette Inufio
2. E.Soule
3. Roadside Photographs by Jen Zahigian
4. Futuro Woman
5. Alicia Bock Photography
6. Kelly Stanley
7. 20 x 200
8. Sarah's Life Lately
9. Bueller
10. Jota Trelles

Click. Click. Oh, so flashy.

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