Thursday, November 5, 2009

Take Note

When's the last time you picked up a pencil and pad of paper? It seems like everyone these days has a Blackberry or an iPhone. It's essential to our lives: our loved ones contact information, our schedules, our to-do's, our music and pictures, our correspondence.
But there's some times when pen and paper is just irreplaceable: thank-you notes, love letters, brainstorming an idea. Doodling your future married name? See how fun that is on a PDA.
Kate Spade's every occasion card set makes sure you have a card for every birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, Bat Mitzvah or common cold.

Colored Moleskin journals (above) are nothing like using your dad's yellow pad.

These Graf von Faber-Castell fountain pens are probably more than your security deposit, but they are slick and sophisticated.

Or try this personalized jot-pad complete with a leather holder to avoid any fears of doggy-eared pages.

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