Friday, October 30, 2009

Tray Chic

Do you own a cookie-cutter coffee table? Is there a spot on your ottoman? Is your side table barren?

Stop. Don't throw out your coffee table. Don't buy a slipcover for your ottoman. Don't buy a tchotchke for your table that will end up in your wastebasket in a matter of months.

Why not make it "tray chic?"

Trays are like concealer. They hide stains, lifeless fabrics, and superficial blemishs. They also add dimension and character to an otherwise boring object. (Try using them as a storage device, too -- stack books, place small ceramics or candlesticks, group wine or liquor bottles, or store wine glasses).

Here's some picks for some hot, new trays:

Found your tray? Now, that's tres chic.

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