Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trending Twiggy

(ATTN: This has nothing to do with getting skinny.)

Have your shoes ever tracked some leaves inside? Or have you ever found a twig stuck to the fibers of your sweater after an autumn day outdoors? (Um, I have).

Well, now you don't have to feel like you sat in paint or spilled a bite of pasta down your shirt; it's actually stylish to bring a little bit of the outdoors --inside.

A replica of it, anyways.

Here's how to find your own branch, from mirror stands to magnifiers to side tables. (Use the hooks to hang thin-chained necklaces, so they don't kink; or put a selection of birch pillar candles in your fireplace for some wintertime warmth).

  1. Twig magnifiers (Jayson Home & Garden)
  2. Tree panels (JCPenney)
  3. Twig mirror stand (Anthropologie)
  4. Branch side table (West Elm)
  5. Birch pillar candles (Pottery Barn)
  6. Twig frames from Michael Aram

The best part: Fall lasts all year.

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