Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Welcoming the holidays

From paper to feathers, to ornaments and glitz, creativity is everywhere when it comes to door duds this holiday season. It's okay to stray from the traditional holly wreath and you will still
be showing others how you are embracing the most festive part of the year.

All these wreaths are available for $100 or less.

If your home boasts lots of exposed brick and lodge-y sentiments, this pine cone wreath(above) would be perfect way to christen your door this December. It's available for $100 through Saks Fifth Avenue.Take a twist on the traditional holly with this all-berry wreath (above) available for under $20.

Or go more secular with this peacock feather wreath (above) to bring out your retro, punk side for $30. Just can't get enough of those sparkling bulbs on your tree? Double up with this silver ornament wreath (above) for $60.
Hmmm, this might be the most secular wreath of all, but you can personalize with a message, word or quote, such as "Merry Christmas" in the picture above, by contacting seller. This paper wreath retails for $85.

Ice, ice baby. If you like bling, sparkles, and crystals, this ice crystal wreath (above) has your name on it, if you can part with $21.

Conflicted over the holidays because you live in a warm climate and it never snows? Then, decorate in a style more fitting with this shell wreath (above) on sale for $74.

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