Thursday, December 10, 2009

Paint Me

Our cars sometimes scream "wash me" and you pull through the car wash. But what to do when your dingy, wobbly dresser that you inherited from Grandma is screaming "paint me?"

Well, thanks to interior designer, all-around domestic Chicago entrepreneur, Crystal Blackshaw, someone will now pick up your chipping side table and deliver it back with a brand new coat of paint. She does it all: locates, picks-up, repairs, finishes and delivers.

A new lacquer for a dresser starts at $200; side tables begin at $75. And you can expect your piece back as soon as 24-hours later (maybe longer depending on size).

Or you can shop Blackshaw's ready-to-go collection or customize your piece from her selection of unfinished pieces. Click here to browse. Or to contact directly about giving Grandma's dresser a modern update --

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