Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coast into the New Year

Tomorrow night millions will be clinking glasses and locking lips to bring home the New Year. But before the libations and champagne bottles pop, let's refresh the glass-- I mean, class-- on coasters.

If you are throwing a New Years bash at home, remember -- the more visible and available you make coasters, the more likely your guests will use them, and the result will be an easy-going, prepared and envied hostess. Yes, we are talking about you!

But, if instead, you are jaunting down the street to a neighbor's intimate gathering or pre-party drinks, start on early on New Year's resolution #54: I will try to be more considerate of my friends this year. Do this good deed by bringing coasters as your hostess gift.

For party-throwers and-goers alike, pick your attitude:

1. Look at me (because New Year's is one night out of 365 a year).2. It's getting personal (Send your host or hostess a message with these personalized coasters).

3. I'm a lush. Period.
4. I'm a silver fox. Some things get better with age.

5. It's certainly a night to bring out the gemstones...

6. Frankly, I'm a stud.

7. Who told you that? I'm not a lemon.
8. Yes, I'm a natural.
9. This is getting boring. Let's add a twist of lime.
10. I can't think of a single thing to say to you. Thank God, these party coasters have suggested topics!

By the way, if by the end of the night, you are on your friend's couch seeing the ceiling spin
and wanting to take-back post-champagne shots, forget New Year's resolution #54. Because, cheers, it's the new year and for one night, rules are meant to be broken!

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