Monday, December 7, 2009

Mirror the look: Hollywood glam

Trying to get the allure of old Hollywood glamour at home? A frameless or Italian-style mirror is one effortless way to do it. See the picks below all for under $300.

1. This frameless vanity mirror (below) is on sale for $129.98. Click here to buy.
2. Go ornate with the polka-dot trimmed Luera mirror (below) for $259.91. Click here to buy. 3. Venetian-style frameless "Elise" mirror (below) is inset with beveled panels for $198. Click here to buy. 4. Try the royal, aristocratic route with a coat of arms mirror (below) for $198. The trim is etched glass of floral motifs. Click here to buy.5. This "Felecie" Oval mirror (below) is also etched on the border and has a antiqued golden finish for $175. Click here to buy.
6. Try eight-sides with this octagon mirror (below) made of antiqued glass. Click here to buy.

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