Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Object(ive) Obsessions

Dogs have gone from "fru, fru" to "foo, foo." The ancient sacred dogs of Asia are everywhere.

These handmade pair of blue foo foo dogs (pictured above) retail at $170 at Pieces.

Even Sam's Club is jumping on the train, this pair of gold and glass foo dogs (above) are $40. (The exact same one is on sale at Target, but for twice the price).

Neiman Marcus has a foo dog salt and pepper set (above) on sale for $28.

Similarly, in red, CB2 has a pair of foo dog bookends (above) selling for $49.

For $295, this 21-inch high wood and plaster golden foo dog makes a statement. You can use as a garden statue or to decorate one on each side of your door. Just as foo dogs guard Buddhist temples, this fierce-faced canine will protect your home, too.

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