Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wine Not

It livens your cheeks with a little rogue. It lets you smile, laugh and flirt a little more. It helps you fall asleep by the count of three. In the varietal of red, it's even healthy for your heart.

Frankly, there's nothing disreputable about wine to a twenty-something in high heels, who has just worked a 10 hour day and wants to put her feet up, except that it takes up space.

To negate the problem, here are some innovative wine racks that will take your precious kitchen space clutter-to-clever.

Crate and Barrel's versatile design is the mounting-stacking wine rack, which implies you can stack one-on-the-other or hang on the wall. Made of shesham wood, each 5-hole rack runs for $29.

Sister store, CB2, has another solution with a leaning acrylic rack (below) that holds 3 across, 8 down, but also gives a "sculptural effect." It's available now for $169. If you get excited by the design of a wine bottle-- the labels, the corks and the wax seals, or if it's a rare Bordeaux, then there's really no better way to show off your "rack" than a clear display case.

Or from Umbra, a cru wine rack in either black or white (below) is artsy, playful. At only a foot wide, it allows you to store wine vertically for $180.

But you might find that your problem isn't storing a case of wine, but instead your dozen plus party glasses. Then, check out Target's wine glass shelf (below) where simply hang your glasses by the stem from a sleek, java black finished shelf. It runs for $49.

All in one, utilitarian-style hanging shelf holds bottles of wine and your wine glasses for $126. If your kitchen is Hamptons farmhouse chic, then rustic and simple is your consummate wine caddy.

Cheers, you can still have your glass of wine, too.

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