Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bust a Move

My sister owns an amazing bust, which she bought a couple of years ago at an antique show, that sits on her living room console table. At the perfect size, the male bust neither overwhelms nor underwhelms. And she positions him at an angle, so that the silhouette can be seen from the room's entryway. For sanity and peace of mind, his expression is not stern nor scary.

The bust is not a recreation from Greek mythology or a former U.S. president. The man is anonymously perfect.

But unfortunately, like all perfect men, he's very hard to find. So until he's discovered, here's some cool busts all for under $150:

Perch carries a mossy bust planter (below) for $65 for a sunroom, screened-in porch or high-rise balcony. Who says you can't fit more than one person on your terrace?

Agent Gallery Chicago is selling this pair of copper busts of Shubert (below) for $55. Use as bookends?

On sale for $37, Aspen Country has discounted this horse bust (below) finished with a greenish blue patina.
For a more feminine vibe, try a mademoiselle bust (below) from Touch of Class.

For more ideas, check out Apartment Therapy's gallery on incorporating decorative busts in modern settings.

One more thing: if you can find the anonymously perfect man, then email us at won't divulge who he is, just where to get him.

Bust it.

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