Friday, January 22, 2010

Madison Ave. Comes to Dallas

It looks like a sight from Madison Ave., but Madison, a store bringing rarity to gift-giving, is located in the home-decorating mecca of Dallas. In the ritzy suburb of Highland Park, Madison is basically a gift matchmaker for the elite.

For your next bestowal, try selecting one of these pricey-sounding items that even non-Highland Parkers can afford.

Is your boyfriend always leaving his toothbrush sink-side? Gross! It's not only leaving a opaque film to clean-up, but it's not very sanitary. For Valentines Day, buy him a masculine and chic horned rim glass (below) to stow his brushing machine. It will only run you $20, but you'll have much more love to give.

Don't want to be a party pooper? Nobody intends to be either. Toss those paper plates or your boring set of white at your next fete. This "Winchester Mandala"plastic plate design (below) will add some levity and uniqueness your next baby shower or housewarming party. It's not a gift per se, but your guest of honor will appreciate the kind gesture. Each re-usable plate is $15.

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride? Yes, by our late 20s, there's been countless dollars spent on bridal gifts and the worst part -- who can remember what they gave anyone? Madison offers some unique items, like this silver-plated fortune cookie holder (below), to use as a card or place seating holder, for $18 each. So you know where your money went and most importantly, the bride can recall what you gave her.

Because everyone is fortunate enough to live in the state -- where everything is bigger and better, Madison has brought their top-notch merchandise to you. Find the above gifts and more by clicking here.

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