Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chic Finds

It's a New Year; a new start for you, your home and your neighbors' homes. A world of superfluous amounts of loot is ready to be discarded. In fact, it's multiplying and waiting for its place in your home.

So, without further ado, this week's chic finds near you.


For $35, get your own steamer trunk (below). Owner says it is in good condition and has a flat top, so sweep this one up as your new coffee table.

Los Angeles

When combining the sleekness of a Danish designs with a mod, hipster attitude, the hybrid is this rocker (below). The details are scant, but it's in good condition, spent awhile in storage and now (needs and provides) a new resting place for $175.

New York

You don't have to take this pair of mid-century modern chrome table lamps (below) home with you; let them be delivered to your doorstep in Manhattan for $30. Unlike your dishwasher (or mine), they work. However, they don't come with lamp shades. That's a plus. Personalize, baby.

New Orleans

Hmmm, love those curves? Not really post-holiday binge, bu
t on this dresser (below), it's divine. Furniture can be sexy, too. This dresser is posted for $350, but is worth the hard sell for a price reduction. It look superficially nice, but inquire on sturdiness, including wobbling, loose legs and how much weight can be put on top.

Washington, D.C.

Forget the love handles! Recenter your energy on the sophisticated featherlike detailing on these knobs. This turquoise French-y nightstand (below) is retailing for $65.

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