Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eat Your Walls/New Food Paint Smells Yummy

There's few smells worse than paint: gasoline, rubber cement, a skunk, a crushed bird egg.... okay, we all know where that list is going.

So while a few years ago, eco-friendly, "green" paints were all the rage, now manfacturers have come out with something to top it.

It's a paint that smells yummy and is good for you, too. Anna Sova's "healthy paint" has introduced a zero-V.O.C. paint (meaning it emits less pollutants than the old-fashioned kind) made mostly of ingredients found in food, which allow you to find scents like a vanilla milkshake, powdered donuts and chocolate. She offers around a thousand different hues.

Click here if you're interested in how this works. (Unfortunately, the smell does fade in about three days).

According to Consumer Reports, low-V.O.C. paints have drastically improved in the past few years in terms of quality and coverage.

It's healthy, but as a precaution, don't go lickin' your walls.

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