Friday, March 26, 2010

Manhandling/Chicago's (Hot) Handyman Service Launches

Bury your fears of a greasy guy with plumber's derriere showing up to fix your water pressure. Or wondering if the guy you contacted on Craigslist is going to turn out to be some serial killer.

Thanks to DailyCandy for the top that Chicago has a new Mr.Fix-It service in town that sends over handsome, capable men in a jiffy to tackle any of your domestic needs.

Founded by Clayton Jarvinen, the service "Call Clayton" starts at $65 for first-time clients. On top of fixing leaky facets, this team of buff (I don't know that for sure, but I'm imagining it to be true) handyman can help you set up your T.V., hang art and mirrors, put up holiday decorations, install a closet organizing system, hand blinds and shelves, or put together assembly-required furniture.

The services are endless...literally.

Finally, you won't have to cringe when your plumber bends over. But the house rules, according to the Web site--no touching allowed.

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  1. For this kind of job, you can only trust a professional handyman. Good thing you can just find them online.