Monday, March 29, 2010

Decal-ious/Dress-up Your Walls with Decals

Wall decals seem to be the next hot trend to inject life into a boring, drab wall-- and not to mention, a decoration that should be less expensive than finding a piece of art or a mirror. On a shopping trip to Jayson Home & Garden a week or so ago, I stumbled upon the wall (pictured above). The store created a montage out of small wooden-carved birds (below), which they are selling for $15 each, and the result is an interesting --but not overpowering -- diversion for the eye.

Other places to search wall decals are Etsy, like this simple "birds on a branch" decal (below) that makes the blase background wall, come to life. (Get this instead of wallpaper for $27).

Or maybe you've been wanting a chandelier? Well, this one's only $30.

Don't have the money to replace the tile in your kitchen? Why not go with some Moroccan bubbles? You get 30 graphics for $52.

However, a word of caution: Some of the decals in a rainbow of shades could overwhelm your space and make it look like a kid's room. So to not overshadow the rest of the room and keep it sophisticated, try sticking to a two-color scheme (white/black, grey/white, green/white, etc.)

That's decal-ious.

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