Thursday, April 22, 2010

Space Hog/How To Create More Space

An Elle Decor interview with Dallas designer, Alice Cottrell, who recently finished her three-year remodeling of her 700-square-foot apartment, lends a couple helpful hints for making a small space look bigger.

  • It's as simple as cleaning house. Cottrell removed interior doors, raised doorways to the ceilings, and ripped up shag carpeting and waxed the underneath concrete to a shiny finish.
  • Another strategy is to concentrate on a single fabric (Cottrell picked a velvet material for her couch and chair, above) and to focus on lighter color scheme, such as white-and-gray.
  • Cottrell also did the renovation in stages as she figured out over time what needed to be done, and she says, "Doing the work in phases allowed me to save for what I really wanted.

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  1. Awesome site! came upon it via Google Image search of Noguchi's iconic coffee table. Moving into my 1st apt on June 2!!!Planning the design & pieces now... great advice: doing it in stages. makes the task less overwhelming... but which comes first: the rug, coffee table, or sofa, or none?!