Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chic Finds Chicago

With everyone in spring cleaning mode, there's a superfluous amount of resales goods on the market and so we've sifted through the junk for you.

For $450, you can have this set of four midcentury chairs (below) made of solid beech wood and detailed with woven seats. Designed by Georg Leowald (for the Wilkhahn furniture company), an influential designer of that era, the seller notes that Leowald won the 1949 MOMA award for seating. No. 2 in line was Charles Eames.

Unlike the bare-boned, simplistic structure of the chairs above, these pair of midcentury lamps(below) are from the same time period, but are much more ornate. They maybe even on the verge of gaudy, but can add some funk to those white walls and hardwood floors. $100.

For $150, this white-washed antique dresser (below) is in good condition and can easily function as a dresser or a hutch-- or really, just a space filler.

For $250, this antique Asian side table (below) has two drawers with metal pulls and nice detailing. Due to age, there's a slight split on the surface, but at least you know it's old!

This French settee (below) upholstered in pink velvet (yes, pink!) is going for $250. The backstory is the owner bought it at a estate sale in Napa, Calif. But now she's getting married and has to get rid of all her girly things. See there are advantages to the single life like snagging this adorable steal.

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