Thursday, February 18, 2010

Welcome to the Fold

In Manhattan, (I think) the most elite invitation of all is the invitation into someone's home.

With through-the-roof rents, small and cramped apartments, and kitchenettes deemed a way of life, soirees among the 20s subset usually migrate elsewhere.

But if you do want to do something special and welcome friends over for a cocktail or dessert, one easy trick is to stow a set of six folding chairs under your bed or in closets.

Bygone is the era of folding chairs with white and metal frames. From bamboo to orange to mod, you won't begrudge pulling out seating next time the gals mosey over for a glass of Chablis.

Tap your French-Indian style with these bamboo folding chairs (below). Each chair is $17.

So clever. These turquoise "ghost" folding chairs (below), which are available in every color of the rainbow and beyond, fold into themselves and therefore, minimize their storage size. Fold-away chairs (below) in one of the hottest materials of the year-- lucite. They're available from Gracious Home for $129 each. Target's "Cannes" folding chairs (below) in every color of the rainbow, retailing at $189.

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