Thursday, February 4, 2010

Time Out

With iPhones, Blackberries and Sidekicks, are clocks obsolete?

Well, for functionality, that could be the case. But let's be realistic, what is needed is never really cool. Perhaps that's why clocks, from retro to traditional to the avant-garde, are getting so much attention.

Set your timers. Ideas for the hippest home accessory (officially declared for the next 5 minutes) below:

This adorable timepiece, a vintage alarm clock, (below) can be yours for $39.
A keepsake from perusing the shops on London's most fashionable boulevard? Most certainly. This wall clock (below) with the Bond Street insignia retails for much less in dollars. It's $129.

Go fancy feast with this white porcelain clock (below) for $59. It's fit for a king, but will look better on your nightstand.

For something more masculine, a retro black clock for $20. Disclaimer: The clock and radio work, but the alarm is broken. Who ever wants to wake up anyway?
If green is your way of life, celebrate it with this hipster lime green clock (below). It's available for $18.
Yes, you've hit the big times. It will only cost you $79 with this "big time" wall clock(below).
If it's all for show, why not go way-back to the olden days? These 45-minute hour glass serves the "purpose," too, for $55.For $90, make this 3-clock timepiece (below) your conversation piece and explain (or invent) why you need to know the time across different time zones.

In with the new, never out with the old.

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